We're committed to delivering reliable water and sewerage services while keeping your bills as affordable as possible. Generally, every five years, we go through a process to set the prices for our services. This is called a price submission and is regulated by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) which ensures our prices are fair, reflects efficient costs and meets community expectations.

Price submission process

Guidance and preparation

The ESC provides us with detailed guidelines outlining the requirements for our price submission. This includes the regulatory framework we must adhere to and the expectations for our proposed prices and services.

Customer engagement

We will be actively engaging with our customers to understand their needs, preferences and priorities. This feedback will be instrumental in shaping our price submission.

Developing our proposal

Using the guidance from the ESC and the feedback from our customers, we will develop a comprehensive price submission. This will detail our proposed prices, planned investments and the service standards we aim to achieve over the next five years.

Submission to the ESC

Once our proposal is ready, we will submit it to the ESC for review. The ESC will assess our submission to ensure it meets regulatory requirements and provides value for money.

How you can be involved

Throughout the price submission process, there will be multiple opportunities for you to provide feedback and share your views. In the months to come, we will be running various engagement activities where you can have your say. These include workshops, kiosks, online surveys and a deliberative forum.

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