About this project

We're planning a major and innovative upgrade to Wodonga's wastewater treatment plant which will increase its capacity and reduce the amount of carbon emissions it produces.

This $73 million project is a crucial part of North East Water's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

The upgrade will lead to the more efficient and effective reuse of waste to create renewable energy which can be used behind the meter (to power the plant) or put back into the electricity grid.

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Project visualisations

Resource recovery hub

North East Water's three megawatt solar farm is located alongside Wodonga's wastewater treatment plant. Its 6500 panels generate enough electricity to power the waste facility during daylight hours with surplus energy sent back to the grid to offset electricty used at other North East Water sites.

Between the solar farm and the completion of the wastewater treatment plant upgrade, the Corporation’s overall greenhouse footprint will be reduced by approximately 50%, representing a huge step forward for our environment.

Another major carbon emission reducing project will also be constructed alongside the site of the wastewater treatment plant. Australian Gas Infrastructure Group has committed to building a 10MW renewable hydrogen plant that will produce renewable hydrogen blended with natural gas and then supplied to customers on the existing Albury-Wodonga gas distribution network. For more detail on the hydrogen project, click here.