Current Status

Following encouraging feedback from the community and key stakeholders, the new offtake is proposed to be located 75 metres downstream of the original site on Embankment Drive. The pump station to be situated on the pondage side of the road away from the river frontage. There are no plans for a weir in this design and importantly this location would allow for a secondary supply from the pondage.

North East Water has moved to the detailed design phase and is conducting the appropriate assessments to inform the associated planning approvals. As part of the detailed design phase, we recognise the importance of ensuring the infrastructure will fit into the landscape and we are entirely open to suggestions from the community on how to achieve this. This will be incorporated into the next stage of community engagement which will begin in the coming months.

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What could a Raw Water Offtake look like?

To give you an idea of how a raw water offtake could look on Embankment Drive, we have developed the below visualisations.

Project Overview

North East Water is planning the construction of a new raw water offtake to ensure the safety and security of Mount Beauty's water supply. A raw water offtake is infrastructure where raw water is taken from a water source (usually a river) and pumped to a nearby water treatment plant before being returned to the community as clean, safe drinking water.

Mount Beauty's existing raw water offtakes were constructed during the 1970s and have now outlived their operational lifespan. An emergency raw water line has been installed temporarily to supply the town until the new offtake is completed in mid-late 2025.