Project overview

North East water is extending the Lake Kerferd dam wall filter trench as part of ongoing upgrade works. These works will extend the filter trench within the dam wall to the surface to provide additional protection of the dam wall and ensure its stability well into the future. Most of the proposed works are within the vicinity of the dam wall which will be fenced off and signposted to ensure public safety.

There will still be a substantial number of truck and machinery movements in and out of the site during the project and the works will require excavation of Lake Kerferd Rd near the dam wall. This will require closure of the road and access to the dam wall and parking area. Pipeline track which forms part of the Indigo Epic Mountain Bike Trail will remain open, with a small diversion around the construction area ensuring continued and safe trail access.

Road closure details. Lake Kerferd Road will be closed from Wednesday 12th June for 4 weeks as highlighted on the map below.