Project overview

The wastewater treatment plant that services the townships of Bright and Porepunkah requires an upgrade in order to improve treatment performance, reduce the current strain on the capacity of the plant and the establishment of a new method of releasing treated water.

Sewage from the Bright and Porepunkah townships is currently treated in a lagoon-based wastewater treatment plant. The treated water is either supplied to the Bright Golf Club or is discharged via an infiltration basin where it indirectly flows to the Ovens River. The arrangement does not meet contemporary standards and consequently a new release method is required.

We are currently determining what arrangement is required, where this will be located, and what treatment plant upgrades will be necessary.

Drivers for upgrade works:

  1. New release method is required to meet contemporary standards.
  2. Need to reduce strain on capacity due to increased inflows to the plant.
  3. Improve treatment performance.

Pipeline options

Map of Bright WWTP discharge options

Please select your preferred pipeline option.

A longer survey is available on this project (link below), but we are keen to hear your initial feedback on the three options presented via this quick poll.

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  • Option 1
    25% (30 votes)
  • Option 2
    27% (32 votes)
  • Option 3
    47% (56 votes)
Total Votes: 118